How to Decorate a 10×10 Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is a place that is vital in a house, even to say the kitchen is the heart of the home. It used to be a kitchen just used to prepare food, but now the kitchen is used also as a place to meet with family members other than the family room, where jokes while preparing food, and a place to experiment with ingredients.

Previously I have explained about the concept of small kitchen makeover, you can read it here (The Creative Concept of Small Kitchen Makeover). Now I want to explain about 10×10 kitchen design. I do not know according to the size of your kitchen as it included a large size, narrow, or indifferent, everyone has their own opinion. But let’s make the perception first, let us consider a 10×10 kitchen designs are fairly spacious kitchen. The form can vary, is not to be square.

In a kitchen that is required is a refrigerator, sink, fryers and desks. Some of the kitchen appliances is mandatory you, the other is that the kitchen more comfortable supporting. First, we must prepare the kitchen cabinets, there are a lot of choice of kitchen cabinets, you can choose according to your desire. The second is the kitchen counter, select the counter that have the same theme with kitchen cabinets, as well as the magnitude, not too big and not too small as well.

kitchen design for 10x10

kitchen design for 10×10

Furthermore, you do not forget some of the kitchen appliances I have mentioned above, we start from the refrigerator, choose a refrigerator with a good quality, durable, and attractive appearance. Then frying, frying certainly choose fuel efficient and easy to use. Do not choose a frying perishables, select which is made from a mixture of stainless steel and iron for durability and easy to clean.

ForĀ sink, select marble or granite, indeed sink made of such materials are expensive, but worth what you get, a sink with the material is durable and easy to maintain. But if you have very little capital you can use the sink is made of stainless steel.

If all the kitchen furniture we prepared, then the latter is to paint the walls of the kitchen. I have explained various kitchen designs from different countries, you can choose one of the designs that you like, choose to suit your taste. Now you are ready for kitchen use. Take care that keeps your kitchen always looks beautiful all the time. Thank you for visiting and reading articles on this 10×10 kitchen designs.


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