Best Idea for Kitchen Flooring Options

The floor is something very vital to have in the house. Besides being a major requirement of a house, the other function is to decorate even to support comfort in the home. Lots of choice of materials that can be used as kitchen flooring. So far, we know some of the parts used in the living room, the bedroom, for floor panels that are used in the kitchen will be a little different. Because not only to beautify the kitchen, but that cooking activities to be safe and comfortable.

There are so many choices of materials available, but the following I summarize into several floor panels of kitchen flooring options that you can use. At least what I would suggest this could represent all the existing material:

1. Vinyl
Vinyl is a synthetic material made from soft wood and the like. Its texture is rather soft and easy to install. Generally vinyl is made so that the floor is not slippery when wet. In addition, this material is also very easy to install because it is shaped panels are ready to mouth. This material is relatively low price the range of $ 10 $ 15 per meter.

2. Ceramic or Tiles
This material is made of clay mixed with cement so that the texture is a little hard. This material is the most widely used today because it is very cheap. In addition, this material is a material that is durable, and easy to maintain. But the shortcomings of this material is slippery when wet, so you should be careful when the floor is wet. For maintenance is very easy, just be swept and mopped regularly to remove dirt and germs.

wood kitchen flooring option

wood kitchen flooring option

3. Wood
The latter is the material that I think is very fashionable. Already many know that the wooden floor panels are the hallmark of elite houses. Commonly used wood is oak, maple, and teak. Beauty and luxury unquestioning. I‘ll include a few pictures so you know about this wood floor panels. However, to put this, it takes a rather expensive costs. You can put yourself wooden floor panels have since been using tongue and groove for installation (Read Here For Tutorial). However, if you have trouble, you can hire a contractor to install.

Some earlier is material that I recommend for you to use. Actually there are many types of materials that exist, but I am fairly summarize which in my opinion is the best. I include also some pictures so you can have a look first.


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