Copper Kitchen Sinks Enhance Your Home

Copper sinks is one of the most valued materials in the world, and has been so for centuries, in fact, some of the copper used in our home appliances nowadays could well date back to Roman times. The copper sinks from are greatly desired both for the natural beauty of the material, and for the value they add to a home. However, these sinks bring many other benefits as well. It is certainly true that artisan-crafted copper sinks are much in demand for their aesthetic beauty.

They are characterized by a natural charm which lends a distinctive style and character to a kitchen or bathroom. This is largely due to the way they are made. A copper sink is usually created from a single sheet and after being hammered, is exposed to air and water so that a patina forms. This is what gives the copper its deep, warm, rich hue. Because each sink is hand crafted, no two sinks are exactly alike, so you always know your sink is unique. However, apart from looking so good, a copper sink brings many practical and useful benefits as well.

copper kitchen sinks

The antibacterial properties of copper are well known, bacteria only survive for hours on the copper surface of the sink, whereas they can live for up to a month on a stainless steel surface. This makes copper the ideal material for a sink, if you want to keep your kitchen sanitary and hygienic. A further extremely practical benefit is that these sinks are very easy to keep clean. All that is required is a little soap and water — in fact, chemical cleaners should not be used, as they can damage or even destroy the patina. Copper is stain resistant, so will stay clean with very little effort on your part.

In addition, these sinks are extremely durable. They do not rust or corrode, and in fact the patina improves with age. The patina also has the ability to regenerate itself, so that if the surface is scratched with a sharp object, the mark will eventually blend back into the patina. These sinks are also made from recycled copper, so they are environmentally friendly — if you need to dispose of your sink for any reason, it can be recycled again.

copper kitchen sink

Copper sinks are ideal for either the kitchen or the bathroom. They come as undermounted sinks, more often used in the kitchen, or as copper vessel sinks, usually found in the bathroom. These are exceptionally stylish, sitting on top of the counter or vanity rather than being inset, and certainly add distinction and elegance to your bathroom.When you buy an artisan-crafted copper sink for your home, you are not just buying a product, you are buying a work of art and craftsmanship. Each unique design reflects not just the dexterity, but the passion and creativity bestowed on it by artists who love their work. Just as the craftsman takes pride in creating a piece of work to enhance your home, you can take pride in owning an item which can be found nowhere else in the world.


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